History and the present

The library commenced its functioning in 1969 when The Teachers' College was created. The collection of books and manuscripts, the place of operation as well as employees, were inherited after The Library of Teachers' Studies (including the collection gathered by then already non-existent The Pedagogical High School, which was the original proprietor of the place mentioned hereinabove).

The library has gone beyond an immense transformation during its forty years of existence. Conditions had been changing, the library had been moving places and restructuring. There had been a continual rotation in crew and employers individual task and responsibilities had been altering. Yet, most importantly, the collection had been growing. Besides traditional – paper volumes, there had been appearing new, digital information storage media and huge databases. The library's collection has been being digitalised henceforth. Therefore, work conditions for the librarians have chanced significantly, as as well as their theoretical and practical backgrounds.

Nowadays, the Library grows alongside with the University endeavouring to meet its growing needs. The Library's priority has become to deliver quality services to the users. However, due to the library's academic nature, it has never ceased to continue its didactic, publishing and scientific activities.

In the foreseeable future, a new library building will be completed and commissioned for use. The edifice is placed within the perimeter of the Academic Campus of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce on Świętokrzyska Street 21.

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The collection of books and manuscripts of The Library of the Jan Kochanowski University:

(state as for 31th December 2016)

  • 491 802 volumes of regular publishings,
  • 69 646 volumes of periodicals both polish and foreign,
  • 10 889 specials collections items.

The number of preordered printed periodicals:

  • 783 titles, which further subdivides into:
  • 538 polish titles,
  • 34 foreign titles.

The number of digital periodicals available in the library's databases: over 17 000 titles from all over the world.

Our library has a register of 180 libraries with which it cooperates within the interlibrary exchange project.


The University's Library of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce
Uniwersytecka 19
25-406 Kielce
phone: 41 349 7155
E-mail: buk@ujk.edu.pl

Mini FAQ for foreign students

  1. I am in the library for the first time. What should I do?
  2. It depends on what do you need. You might come to the Information Science Department (Uniwersytecka 19 Street, second floor), where the librarians will provide any information you need. You should also become acquainted with the structure of the library and decide which department you need to visit.

  3. I need a book, what should I do?
  4. First, you have to find out where the book is. You will find this information serching the book in the on-line catalogue. Then, you have to go to appropriate reading room and ask for the book. Librarians will provide any help you need.

  5. Can I take the book home?
  6. No, there is no such possibility. You can use the book in the reading room only.

  7. Do I need any documents to use the book?
  8. Yes, the librarian will ask you to show e.g. your ID or the driving licence.

  9. Can I do the photocopy of the book?
  10. Yes, in most cases. Ask the librarian.

Na skróty

Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Kielcach
ul. Uniwersytecka 19, Kielce 25-406

tel. 41 349 7180 (wypożyczalnia)
tel. 41 349 7164 (Ip wolny dostęp: książki)
tel. 41 349 7172 (IIp wolny dostęp: czasopisma)
tel. 41 349 7166 (Wyp. Międzybiblioteczna)
tel. 41 349 7155 (sekretariat)
fax +48 41 349 7158